Cloudy Seas

Last night’s sunset looked like a painting; I know that cliche is overused. But it wasn’t the colors, but rather the way the clouds were streaked against the dark blue wash, like paint brushed delicately.

My camera is new to me. With my graduation money I purchased for myself a Sony A6000. After shooting with a Sony for long, this, to me, was the best choice.

I am happy with my decision, but still working out the kinks.

With my Dad’s old camera, I had a telephoto lens, which allowed me to get a wider depth of field as well as creep on the birds and the trees in the mountains.


This image was taken last night from my balcony with Sony A6000 E PZ 16-50MM F3.5-5.6 OSS lens at f/5.6 1/80 with an ISO of 250.

I’m hoping for another cloudy night with the opportunity to check out the meteor showers and experiment with long exposures.